Middle Eastern

Jewish cuisine

Jewish cuisine encompasses the diverse cooking traditions of Jewish communities worldwide. Over centuries, it has evolved under the influence of Jewish dietary laws (kashrut), festivals, holidays, and Shabbat traditions. This cuisine reflects the economic, agricultural, and culinary practices of the various countries where Jewish people have lived, resulting in a rich global diversity. The origins […]

Latin American

Champurrado (drink)

Champurrado is a rich, chocolate-infused variation of atole, a traditional Mexican beverage. It is made using masa (lime-treated corn dough), masa harina (its dried form), or finely ground corn flour, along with piloncillo, water or milk, and sometimes flavored with cinnamon, anise seed, or vanilla. Additional ingredients like ground nuts, orange zest, and eggs can […]

Western Europe

Spanish bread and tomato salmorejo soup. Recipe

Salmorejo is something you’ll find on menus all over Spain, but it’s always in the south where the best salmorejo is found. On a hot day, there’s nothing better than a plate of cold salmorejo – it’s a must-try if you visit Spain! Give it a try and enjoy!