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Champurrado (drink)


Champurrado is a rich, chocolate-infused variation of atole, a traditional Mexican beverage. It is made using masa (lime-treated corn dough), masa harina (its dried form), or finely ground corn flour, along with piloncillo, water or milk, and sometimes flavored with cinnamon, anise seed, or vanilla. Additional ingredients like ground nuts, orange zest, and eggs can be added to enhance its thickness and flavor. The drink is typically whipped to a frothy consistency using a wooden whisk called a molinillo or a blender.

Traditionally, champurrado is enjoyed with churros for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. It is especially popular during Day of the Dead celebrations and Las Posadas, the Christmas season festivities, often served alongside tamales. Occasionally, it is prepared with a splash of alcohol for added warmth.

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