Insamchha, ginseng root tea (drink)

Insamchha, ginseng root tea (drink)

Ginseng stands as a symbol of national pride in Korea, celebrated for its invigorating properties. A cup of Insamchha ginseng tea promises to energize and inspire a sense of passion for achievement. This traditional Korean beverage, Insamchha, is crafted from the root of the ginseng plant, renowned for its revitalizing effects. The preparation of this tea is simple: the ginseng root is boiled, and the resulting decoction is either bottled or consumed immediately, often sweetened with honey.

In Korea, one can easily enjoy Insamchha at restaurants or acquire the essence from local pharmacies. Diluted with hot water, the essence provides a convenient way to experience the benefits of ginseng tea. Alternatively, pre-packaged sachets are available for purchase. To immerse oneself further in the ginseng culture, attending the annual Hongcheon or Geumsan festivals, dedicated to this revered plant, is highly recommended.

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