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Daiquiri (drink)

The daiquiri is a cocktail consisting of rum, citrus juice (typically lime juice), and sugar or another sweetener. It is one of the six fundamental drinks detailed in David A. Embury’s renowned book, The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, which also offers variations. The name “daiquiri” originates from a beach and iron mine near Santiago de Cuba, derived from the Taíno language.

Legend attributes the invention of the daiquiri to an American mining engineer named Jennings Cox, who was in Cuba during the Spanish–American War. Alternatively, it’s suggested that William A. Chanler, a US congressman who acquired the Santiago iron mines in 1902, introduced the daiquiri to New York clubs that same year.

Initially, the drink was served in a tall glass filled with cracked ice, where a teaspoon of sugar was sprinkled over the ice before the juice of one or two limes was squeezed in. White rum was then added to complete the mixture, and the glass was frosted with a long-handled spoon. Over time, the daiquiri evolved to be shaken with shaved ice in a cocktail shaker before being strained into a chilled coupe glass.

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