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Karkade, Hibiscus tea (drink)

Karkade, Hibiscus tea

Karkade, also known as carcade, derives from the Arabic word “كركديه [kæɾkæˈdeː],” and is a vibrant red or burgundy herbal tea imbued with a sweet and tangy flavor. Crafted from the dried calyxes of the rosella flower, or Sudan rose (Latin: Hibiscus sabdariffa), a member of the Hibiscus genus, this beverage offers a unique sensory experience.

With a plethora of monikers and titles, carcade is often referred to as the “drink of the pharaohs,” “red tea,” “candagar,” “Sudan rose,” “Chinese rose,” red sorrel, okra, kenaf, rose of Sharon, and “mallow of Venice.” In Latin America, it is commonly recognized as “jamaica,” while West African nations know it as “buzo.”

Renowned as the national beverage of Egypt, carcade is traditionally enjoyed hot to refresh during sweltering weather or chilled with sugar for a delightful, thirst-quenching treat. Similar to conventional tea, carcade can also be conveniently packaged in bags for easy preparation.

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