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Tarkhuna (drink)

Tarkhuna (drink)

“Tarkhuna” (ტარხუნა) is a refreshing carbonated drink with a pleasant sweetish taste and an exquisite emerald green hue. Its composition includes water, citric acid, sugar and tarragon extract, also known as tarragon, from which it gets its name. In 1887, the pharmacist Mitrofan Lagidze from Tiflis developed a special drink by adding his own aromatic syrup with an extract of Caucasian tarragon, or tarragon, to carbonated water. His water was repeatedly awarded gold medals at international exhibitions before World War I. In 1927, the Soviet authorities in Tbilisi built a plant to produce “Lagidze’s Water”, where Lagidze himself became director. Modern “Tarkhun” is often yellow in color, but is sold in green bottles to meet consumer expectations.

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