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Lassi (drink)

Lassi (drink)

Lassi, pronounced [ləsːi], is an Indian beverage made from yogurt, imparting a smoothie-like texture. Regarded as “the most popular and traditional yogurt-based drink” in India, it holds a special place in Punjab, often termed as the region’s “best-loved summer drink” and “the air conditioner of the Punjab.” Originating from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, the term “lassi” signifies yogurt mixed with water in Punjabi. Typically, lassi is prepared by blending yogurt, water, and spices, with traditional versions in Punjab using water buffalo milk for the yogurt. However, variations of lassi abound, with common spices like cumin and cardamom enhancing its flavor profile. Traditionally, lassi is served in a clay cup known as kulhar.

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